New Fabric & Textile Print Design Team Launched Out Of Waikiki Hawaii, “Ahh-Ali’i-Aloha-Designs” Are Truly Unique & Shooting For The High End World Of Fashion & Home Design


Some History On Hawaiian : Aliʻi (The Elite)

Ali’i – In ancient Hawaiian society, aliʻi was a hereditary chiefly or noble rank (social class or caste). The aliʻi class consisted of the high and lesser chiefs of the various realms in the islands. They governed with divine power called mana. The aliʻi were the highest class, ranking above both kahuna (priests) and makaʻāinana (commoners). Most common translations are “Chief” and “High Chief.”

Aliʻi were full of mana and could place and remove kapu (curse or taboo) on objects. Aliʻi continued to rule the Hawaiian islands until 1893 when Queen Liliʻuokalani was overthrown by coup and the Constitutional Monarchy, Government, and supporting Aliʻi were deposed from power.

Aliʻi nui were supreme high chiefs of an island and no others were above them. The four largest Hawaiian islands (Hawaiʻi proper, Maui, Kauaʻi, and Oʻahu) were usually ruled each by their own aliʻi nui. Molokaʻi also had a line of island kings, but was later subjected to the superior power of nearby Maui and Oʻahu during the 17th and 18th centuries. Mōʻī was a special title for the highest chief of the island of Maui. Later, the title was used for all kings of the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian monarchs.

Both the reigning dynasties of the united Kingdom of Hawaiʻi (1810–1893) were of aliʻi class. As each relative of those dynasties was entitled to the title aliʻi, they have later, posthumously, been popularly labeled (mostly erroneously) princesses and princes, although only a limited number of royal relatives ever received the princely title from the monarch.


Alohas, I’m HRHSF, We both come from a very colorful life, world & times seprately & together, we live in a rich stunning world of true paradise & extreme colors to your naked eyes. Being an entertainer my whole life I have a feel for color, pattern, textile, graphic design, what looks good on a runway & bold for home & or work place statements. I truly know the high end client & there taste for having the very best in design originality & choice of fabrics & textiles they may need. Our fabrics, 30 designs put out  few times thru the year on 15 very high quality fabrics & price points for our customer. Also released in 2 types of wall papers & very affordable designer gift wraps come in matte or satin, truly fierce! Designed for over the top people & always different then anything else making your printed fabrics timeless & design chic, fashion forward, remember fierce design is always in. My partner OHMZ is a what you would honestly call a genius artist painter stemming from formal art school education. The streets of various cities on the east coast, the inner house music scene and all its characters & his many talented artist peer friends. Graffiti artist that have all like OHMZ taken there street & sketchbook art to a whole other level in the last 20 yrs now. We both have decided thru our eye’s together we would venture into putting our art, his painting, my photos & manipulations of digital graphic design & our bold ideas to get into textile fabric design. We were & are simply tired of most all prints & find it hard to believe the industry is sorely lacking in original high end printed fabrics & textiles, originality. Our goal is to find our nitch market & grow thru providing great eye catching product, the highest quialty in printing & laser technology. We hope you take the time to click on the photos to start exploring our newest collection that is inspired by the many tribes & cultures of our world. Bold repeat patterns all hand painted with spray paint We believe your eye will be stunned when you see your fabric & colors or textile choices with our prints & products. Ahh-Ali’i-Aloha feels blessed to have your support, please click on photo below or above here to be directed to our fabric supplier & store front. All information you may need to know or questions answered & fabric choices are thru out every design & its page & the Spoonflower site, Alohas

Tribal Graffiti Collection 2015

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 Our Products Eco-Friendly?
We strive to ensure that Spoonflower fabrics are good for you, and good for the earth. From our low-waste digital print process and organic fabric options to FSC-certified paper options, we seek to provide products made safely and sustainably.

Spoonflower’s digital print on demand process is designed to minimize wasted fabric and ink. Since we print only what you order, there’s no leftover printed fabric that we can’t use. Ink colors are mixed from 4-6 basic colors as your fabric is printed, so unlike screen printing, there’s no mixing of colors in advance of the print process. Our print process also doesn’t require any wet post-processing, so there’s no water consumed during printing. Spoonflower’s inks and dyes have been tested for harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and lead) and are found to be safe for infant use.

All of our fabrics have been tested for safety. We do offer two fabrics that have been certified organic according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS): our Organic Cotton Sateen and Organic Cotton Knit. Our Matte Gift Wrap is made in the United States by a factory that has been certified environmentally-friendly by ISO 14001:2004, the environmental management system standard and our Satin gift wrap is chlorine-free and has been certified by the FSC as a paper made with responsibly-sourced pulp. The factory that produces the paper is carbon-neutral and manufactured in a facility that runs on Green-e certified Wind Power Energy credits.

Sometimes a fabric order doesn’t come out looking exactly the way we think it should because of print errors or flaws in the fabric. When we see these sorts of issue, we send the piece back for reprint and add the flawed piece to our scrap pile. Every so often, we fill the back of a semi-trailer with fabric, and send it off to a fabric recycler who shreds the yardage into tiny, unrecognizable bits. These bits then get used for industrial applications like car upholstery and furniture stuffing, bedding, and flooring.

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