Hawaii’s Fight For Full LGBT Marriage Equality, Moves On To House Committee Next Then Vote.

Hawaii Fights For LGBT Full Marriage Rights

Hawaii… Has jumped its major first hurdle this week by passing thru the SB1 LGBT Marriage Equality Bill . Senate Committee Monday evening & Full Hawaii State Senate vote today & Passed with a smashing success of 20-4 in favor of Equality. As a Huge LGBT advocate & Minister… I’m so happy & hope the rest this week will be just as awesome in our fight. The religious radicals and island Mormons, & other private hate group churches have united in hate and very disturbing commercials that make LGBT out to be Monsters.I’m so happy that so many State Senators had such emotion and feeling & history in what they are doing,. There fighting right in the trenches with us LGBT & huge supporters from all communities & many many religions now.

Now the bill goes to a House Judiciary Committee to here public testimony Thursday here, tomorrow 31rst. Then they will vote after to send for full house vote, I hope of course. Below is my written testimony that has been turned into The Hawaii State House of Representatives for tomorrow &. I’ll be there thru the day listening & holding my mind focused against all the hatred & screaming will here tomorrow against us, but. Know this America… Hawaii will be the 15th State. Please country, People say Blessings and Meditate for us here in Hawaii those who are fighting the Huge Equality battle in this Aloha State. CNN, We need you truly… People love you all here much.


My Testimony For SB1 / Full Marriage Equality

 Submitted on: 10/29/2013

 Testimony for on Oct 31, 2013 10:00AM

 Minister, Hector Hoyos (aka) SisterFace

 I am writing in Strong Support of SB 1.

Aloha Hawaii State Leaders

I see here today & of course know there are many differences in our world & people, cultures. We all look different, we all go thru different life’s & times good & bad. Rich or Poor, President of the United States or unemployed, hard laborer, retired, religious or not at all. ” We Are All Equal under the United States Constitution & many many humans have died & suffered to have there rights as human, as an American.” I know many of you Leaders & Our Governor are all ready for “Full Marriage Equality” & Equal Rights in a whole. You must all be harsh & very real with your peer leaders being swayed by outside radical interest. You must push thru True Equality & to even Call Out! those leaders publicly who do not support & let there constituents know the facts… There are many LGBT people & supporters who don’t cause a big scene here in Hawaii like many us loud activist here today. People should know what leaders are truly Bigoted & not in there Districts. These religious crazy radical types with huge amounts of funding coming in from out of state & teaching hate under the Churches name scare me as an Ordained Minister. What are bigoted Hawaii leaders teaching hate to future generations who just get away with hate crimes & bullying gay kids or LGBT parents kids. We have children for heavens sake that are being abused by State Leaders in essence, because. There allowing promoting In-Equality treating LGBT like 2nd class citizens… There are so many rights and protections a LGBT parents need to help there families. We must think of the next generation of children and future minds, artistic, possible scientist & leaders. The Supreme Court Has Spoken… Obama & the Federal Government, County Clerks & Federal Judges are doing more for LGBT Equality now then a state like Hawaii. That led the way with Equality, We were the first state to start this not trend, but Human Right to love, the aloha, the ohana I have learned… to give access benefits, a better life. It is for all Government to separate Church & State, let us remember this leaders. Please Please be on the right side of history. We are not just an example for our own country anymore. We are an example of Americas Freedoms & Liberties, Civil Rights not Tyranny. As an Ordained

Minister, a Drag Diva Minister, you heard me right as many of you know already. I have been fighting since 1986, I was a kid for CiviI Rights & Equality for LGBT community on the east coast. I & many others want to help be a whole part of a whole new business in Hawaii, a new Equality, the right to Unite / Marry LGBT couples & loved ones. Help them receive there fair just of federal protections granted by the Supreme Court. Your casted polls & there fraudulent numbers are just flat out wrong. Even though the good ones are awesome for the states outlook, it’s future. I believe after living in W.D.C. & most areas on the East Coast. The numbers are going to be shattered every year now with Full Marriage Equality being established in Equality States. also as a Minister, I no longer believe in “Civil Unions” I used to, but now. The Supreme Court has spoken, My heart has spoken to me. There are Clerks in Counties across our Country now giving out Marriage License because there hearts spoke to them. There are Federal Judges telling Governors, To step aside & overruling. I was thinking this needed to happen here, Honolulu is a county right, but. Now we all are here… Debating, arguing with pure bigots, pleading, begging even for our right to Marry, my right as a Minister to Unite LGBT. My point is, many many LGBT Ministers exist & I know & I have felt the hate alone, just for being a gay loud Drag character Ordained Minister. All the small businesses that cater to weddings, ceremonies etc. & I can’t Marry LGBT, but I can only Marry Straight folks & I guess Aliens from another galaxy. This is a major obstacle for my way of making a future, for making future income, for myself as a minister to be 1/2 of what I am. I sure would never say no to marrying a straight couple or any couple, ever. I tell you LGBT Full Marriage Equality is Hawaii’s way of making big future income that is always needed here in Hawaii. Making new business in Hawaii from in state & major out of state tourism in LGBT weddings & all the businesses that go along with that. We as Hawaii, you all know are Americas true Paradise. Hawaii will most definitely be a major leader in LGBT wedding destination & new source of income for the state & small businesses around the islands, hotels & jobs even being created yearly directly form LGBT weddings. Even for all the haters & bigots, they will even feel the flow of income from LGBT, the possibilities are endless for LGBT Wedding Tourism.

You all as leaders know it is your jobs to protect people from radical churches & out of state organizations from running our State of Hawaii Gov. from abroad sources. Churches & hate groups funneling in money to our State of Hawaii leaders just to keep there vote, its Bigotry. You all should please not put too much in any State Bill to protect churches that use there tax free funds raised from the public to promote hatred &. Some how be protected from a law suite they bring upon themselves for being bigoted & not marrying or letting LGBT use there facilities if public funded church spaces etc..

I Hope you all can do everything in your powers to get Full Marriage Equality, our Civil Rights through on this Special Session called by Governor Neil Abercrombie. I as a constituent, a human, Praise so many of you leaders making the better choice & using your hearts to know what true Equality is for your people, us humans, small & large businesses future & families in our State of Hawaii. Please Stand… with Equality, Civil Rights and the people of Hawaii and & Pass, Full Marriage Equality My Blessings, Mahalo Ordained Minister,

Minister Hector Hoyos (aka) Minister SisterFace


Hawaii Marriage Equality Now… Governor Abercrombie Call The Special Session To Vote Now.

Full Marriage Equality Hawaii

You all who know me know I most always speak from my heart, reality of life and well. That is what probably gets me in trouble like many of my loud, awesome vocal advocate friends. Speaking the truth is it for me &. There s no glamour in it at all… Most always, straight forward speaking from your heart will get you in a bit of a corner, much thru life… I have been some what quiet these days, dealing with my own life. Trying to survive & make the best of the life me & my partner have here in paradise, the State of Hawaii. I can not perform right now because of injuries from a taxi cab hitting me out side a local mall. I was happy even though a performer & sort of, well Iconic LGBT legend to many. Which makes me happy, proud, blessed. I feel enlightened from it everyday & there support, my friends non stop. We don’t know how, but some how me & my very hard working, Fierce Artist!!  of a man who works his ass off to help us sustain a life we might be very well loosing in a few months. I have been working my ass off to open online stores & sell my designs, get exposure. It all is well, doing ok but sales will not be what I want for at least a year from now. I planned this & know it takes great talent and skill to present yourself on the internet & to an audience of buyers. I feel all this will be awesome & totally pay off in the long run but now in the present life is crazy, like a atom. My clarity has never been better, my advocacey is still strong and not on vacation but definitely needed a huge recharge after the last few years &. Fighting case after case & never ever at fault is just a strange place to be, almost like. I was born to go thru things to help open the eyes of others & even done my share to help state & federal governments within my own singular power & voice. I hope that made sense because i’m just starting at 42 years old to figure out more & more, just when you thought you knew one thing, another happens. Me & my partner with money & when we have no money at all try our best to not only help, but. Be loud, get the people committed to the votes, take them to the voting polls if they need a ride, even cab fare before. We follow people straight or gay, black white asian or black, latin..aliens… everyone the same. We pay our dues and are here to help our country if it ever needs us & have helped many singular people thru our last 12 years together even thru many un perfect times we were having, we care. We consider our selfs Equal to you, to the person next to you, the guy across the street, the lady who just made your lunch, the cab driver who just brought you home.. Our leaders seem to forget quickly even with a Supreme Court Ruling & with us, Hawaii already being a huge blue state, A huge community who got a governor in & the LGBT community where a huge part of it, like completely. Us LGBT have a way of getting things done, even if the odds are stacked way against us & help our supporters always. We are true & true to our LGBT Supporters, Leaders and love them dearly, but. We are tired of feeling second best when you all know other wise. It is so obvious when you government people are worried about religious crap or try to have some excuse . Like your Asst. saying to the news you had to ask the Supreme Court for more information.. 1, get a new Media Assistant & then why would you all need to wait any longer to call for a Special Session to Pass Marriage Equality.. Be Triumphant Governor Abercrombie or Please leaders of the House & Senate, get on it, Why would you not now, why would you wait till 2014… Everyday here is a blessed vacation so no excuses for that. I hope and actually believe in you all & hope you know that we are over it.. We have given you all too much funds & always stellar support for you all not  to take almost immediate action & call “Special Session” Governor Abercrombie. As A Minister i’m concerned that Civil Unions in a state wide business hopeful is failing & will. I as a Minister want to Join/ Marry someone & know they are being treated as a whole recognized couple, union. Simply Put… Governor Ambercrombie & State Leaders… Making LGBT Marriage Equality happen now. You will be giving many many business a good better fresh start future to look forward to. The LGBT Marriage trade here will explode & you you all really don’t get this still it seems , or rely on a very shallow model. We could be #1 and be Truly a Free State from all types of Discrimination. Civl Rights is just not a Black thing or a Woman thing its an LGBT thing very much so. Marriage Equality is great for everyone here in Hawaii, we will thrive leaders. Send the right message to our country & races, creeds our people of Aloha. The time has come now for you all to deliver and make Marriage Equality happen for the good people who have been buy your Leaders sides for the last few years.







Minister HRH SisterFace

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