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1976, Peter Finch

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I’m Old Skool
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Daily Waikiki, Hawaii Pictures & Music Picks Of The Day By : Minister SisterFace

Big Respect & Fierceness To #DJMannyBlanco Vogue Battle It Out Tribute To ” Keith Hunt ” Many Blessing To Friends & Family… Alohas From The Dolls Heart & Light…

Pictures In Paradise 4 / 25 / 2014

HRHSF Photo, #Hawaii Double Rainbows, Waikiki, HRHSF Photo

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Outrigger Canoes , HRHSF Photo, Waikiki Life Buddhist Temple, Serenity, Hawaii, HRHSF Photo Makaha Light House Hike, HRHSF Photo

#DJ #Kaytronik #Fierce

My Kahala Prvt Spot, HRHSF Photo Kahala Beach Spot, HRHSF Photo HRHSF Photo, Banana Flower Sea Turtle, Hawaii Ocean Life, HRHSF Photo

#Sade #DJ #Kaytronik #Re-Edit

SisterFace Photo, Waikiki HRHSF Photos, Waikiki, Ocean Steps SisterFace Photography Waikiki, Diamond Head Sea Wall

Very Fierce Music Adventure Below, Please Take The Time, Get Lost & Enjoy., Biggest Light & Love Until Next Post… Pass & Explore My Site Dolls & Diva Men, Blessings…

SisterFace... I'm Old School... Yer Old School...



The Amazing Vibrant Artist “Grant Ohmz” Is A Color Master, Amazing VW Van Project


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Supporters and opponents react to Marriage Equality vote

Fabulous News Footage Of Some Wonderful Loving Hard Fighting Equality Peers & Good Family Now & A Big Thank You To, Tim Sakahara Of Hawaii News Now…

Not To Mention My Very Fabulous Self, What A Character I Must Say, Lol… Let Equality Ring!!!  Hawaii Is LGBT Full On Equality…


Supporters and opponents react to Marriage Equality vote.

Hawaii State Wedding Officiant, Minister HRH-SF

New Photo Book Release I’m In, Of NYC’s 1990-80’s Club Kid Era… & Its Fabulous Divas & Scandalous Night Life Dolls.

I, got a Fabulous message today…

                                                                                                                                                                                                I was on FaceWhore (Facebook) posting old school photos from the early years of. NYC & WDC Club Divas & Kids meeting & always hanging out from that point after trading talents. The true times of club “Limelight”  & oh so many other Fabulous places  like… 1988 was my first time I went to NYC to well, Explore… Lived on many couches & fierce apartments, studios, shit even ate chips & burrito’s out of the trash & met, became friends with some of the most. Talented club icons, actors, actresses, artist, pro skaters, models, fashion designers before they where designers, big DJ’s before they all were big. Figures from our day & LGBT history, all still big& fabulous at whatever they do today, unless dead & did not make it. The better dolls just took care of me, it was was my friend & very fierce artist now Iconic NYC Artist Vincent Minervini. That reeled me in the early 90’s he introduced me to a core of just fabulous young people. The fierce artist & people who decorated the Limelight & the office day staff. “Project X Magazine” Ernie Glam & Everyone. From there after I left NYC I would go back NYC every chance I could when had time from my own events in Washington D.C./Baltimore/Philly.  Not chatting to much now, but NYC for me was like learning from the inside out, but in, deep in. The owners & main promoters loved me & I them also… still do most all them still around now. I did private functions & signed contracts, very young… funny. I never minded being the hostess who loved serving the wishes of my employers & the people I got to meet floored me every time I floored them, lol… Then I did  thru that time evolve my character more that way kindah privately. I was given my name SisterFace from my family & friend, now Minister Jason Barbie Adcock, long story kids, another time. Clue Kids… Never Ever Back Stab & You’ll Be Fine. So yea, today i’m posting Fierce old school photos from actual back offices “Club Limelight” early 1990’s.  Then no more then 1 hour goes by & a Fabulous friend Michael hits me up from NYC… Doll!! your all looking fierce in this awesome photo Art Book He, Michael was DJ for the Art Book Fair that the new book was released at this last weekend & now going to be released in UK this Thursday. I have not seen the book & only even know because he told me. There are many of the Dolls, Divas, Artist, Creative Forces… Most Scandalous Club Kids. The book style I’m told is big art photo style & even comes with some cool extras. Michael was nice enough to send me 1 photo from it. Hope there will be enough so I can order 1 tomorrow, or get 1 for free signed for my collection. I would love to help promote it for them because, Its LGBT Art History, So i’m very supportive with this new free press in my life, hey many did not make you all… I feel honored that Ernie Glam & Alexis Dibiasio & Wild Life Press UK, London put me in this book & nice shot, My Shelly Winters days, That whole look. So yea i’m happy and even lil glowing & anybody in it also with me, the Old School Dolls, how fun… FABULOUSITY !! 

These are the photos I released today… Before I even knew I was in this Doll of a Book  below.

Old School Club Limelight

Very Creative Club Children Above & SisterFace Below Chilling Out With Rolls Of Toilet Paper Cooling Down Limelight Offices. Most Likely To Smoke A Phat NYC Blunt, Hahahaha… Giving Shelley Winters.

SisterFace, Club Limelight 

Ernie Glam, Vincent Minervini, SisterFace & ???? Help Me Please On That Dolls.

Wonderful Photo

Old School NYC

Now, heres the crazy Fabulous part like…

I said, not more then an hour goes by & heres the Fabulous Old School photo of me in the Brand New Book Just released at NYC Art Book Fair this last weekend & this week in UK London, picture below.

The Book "Fabulousity" , By Wild Life Press Uk London

Thank You & Love, Alohas From My Heart… Blessings.

Alexis Dibiasio & Ernie Glam & Wild Life Press UK London

” Fabulousity ” Catalogue

London, United Kingdom: Wild Life Press. 2013


Synopsis: Fabulousity: A night you will never forget…or remember! is an exhibition catalogue showcasing the previously unseen photographs taken by Alexis Dibiasio during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s of the New York Club Kids. This outrageous period of New York nightlife became notorious for its elaborate costumes, ostentatious drug use and high energy characters. Alexis’ pictures offer a rare insight into the personalities that helped shape the scene including Michael Alig, James St James and Ernie Glam who has written the forward for this catalogue.

Inside the main catalogue is a complimentary publication celebrating the flyers, posters and ephemera disseminated at the time for New York’s most happening nights at clubs like the The World, Red Zone, Limelight, Tunnel & Save the Robots. Plus a fun flexi disc featuring an unreleased track by Ernie Glam!