Hawaii Marriage Equality Now… Governor Abercrombie Call The Special Session To Vote Now.

Full Marriage Equality Hawaii

You all who know me know I most always speak from my heart, reality of life and well. That is what probably gets me in trouble like many of my loud, awesome vocal advocate friends. Speaking the truth is it for me &. There s no glamour in it at all… Most always, straight forward speaking from your heart will get you in a bit of a corner, much thru life… I have been some what quiet these days, dealing with my own life. Trying to survive & make the best of the life me & my partner have here in paradise, the State of Hawaii. I can not perform right now because of injuries from a taxi cab hitting me out side a local mall. I was happy even though a performer & sort of, well Iconic LGBT legend to many. Which makes me happy, proud, blessed. I feel enlightened from it everyday & there support, my friends non stop. We don’t know how, but some how me & my very hard working, Fierce Artist!!  of a man who works his ass off to help us sustain a life we might be very well loosing in a few months. I have been working my ass off to open online stores & sell my designs, get exposure. It all is well, doing ok but sales will not be what I want for at least a year from now. I planned this & know it takes great talent and skill to present yourself on the internet & to an audience of buyers. I feel all this will be awesome & totally pay off in the long run but now in the present life is crazy, like a atom. My clarity has never been better, my advocacey is still strong and not on vacation but definitely needed a huge recharge after the last few years &. Fighting case after case & never ever at fault is just a strange place to be, almost like. I was born to go thru things to help open the eyes of others & even done my share to help state & federal governments within my own singular power & voice. I hope that made sense because i’m just starting at 42 years old to figure out more & more, just when you thought you knew one thing, another happens. Me & my partner with money & when we have no money at all try our best to not only help, but. Be loud, get the people committed to the votes, take them to the voting polls if they need a ride, even cab fare before. We follow people straight or gay, black white asian or black, latin..aliens… everyone the same. We pay our dues and are here to help our country if it ever needs us & have helped many singular people thru our last 12 years together even thru many un perfect times we were having, we care. We consider our selfs Equal to you, to the person next to you, the guy across the street, the lady who just made your lunch, the cab driver who just brought you home.. Our leaders seem to forget quickly even with a Supreme Court Ruling & with us, Hawaii already being a huge blue state, A huge community who got a governor in & the LGBT community where a huge part of it, like completely. Us LGBT have a way of getting things done, even if the odds are stacked way against us & help our supporters always. We are true & true to our LGBT Supporters, Leaders and love them dearly, but. We are tired of feeling second best when you all know other wise. It is so obvious when you government people are worried about religious crap or try to have some excuse . Like your Asst. saying to the news you had to ask the Supreme Court for more information.. 1, get a new Media Assistant & then why would you all need to wait any longer to call for a Special Session to Pass Marriage Equality.. Be Triumphant Governor Abercrombie or Please leaders of the House & Senate, get on it, Why would you not now, why would you wait till 2014… Everyday here is a blessed vacation so no excuses for that. I hope and actually believe in you all & hope you know that we are over it.. We have given you all too much funds & always stellar support for you all not  to take almost immediate action & call “Special Session” Governor Abercrombie. As A Minister i’m concerned that Civil Unions in a state wide business hopeful is failing & will. I as a Minister want to Join/ Marry someone & know they are being treated as a whole recognized couple, union. Simply Put… Governor Ambercrombie & State Leaders… Making LGBT Marriage Equality happen now. You will be giving many many business a good better fresh start future to look forward to. The LGBT Marriage trade here will explode & you you all really don’t get this still it seems , or rely on a very shallow model. We could be #1 and be Truly a Free State from all types of Discrimination. Civl Rights is just not a Black thing or a Woman thing its an LGBT thing very much so. Marriage Equality is great for everyone here in Hawaii, we will thrive leaders. Send the right message to our country & races, creeds our people of Aloha. The time has come now for you all to deliver and make Marriage Equality happen for the good people who have been buy your Leaders sides for the last few years.







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Honolulu Hawaii Doctor Discriminated & Prosthelytizes Me While In Exam Room For Being Gay Male

April in 1860 Ala Moana Blvd. #101


Dr. James Miyashiro


Just When You Think You Have Seen Every Kind Of Bigotry…

Then You Learn Another…


“I LOVE MY GAY SELF” Seems we all need to say this daily…


While on visit to my new clinic I had to go to,because. I was a victim hit by car a “No Fault” case it is called here in Hawaii. I already had a assigned Dr. for my case but for 2nd visit nurse messed up & made me appointment for other Dr. on call that day at same clinic ( The Medical Corner, Waikiki ) The Doctors name was Dr. James Myashiro an older Doc. I had to fill him in once shirt off and on exam table. I was there because needed to get MRI referrals & Medicine + I had deep gut wrenching pains coming from inner mid body near hip / waste area. He started to poke and exam me & me telling him how much pain & problems urinating & even worst . He then mid way thru started asking about my accident, if I had a wife or partner that was worried. I said yes, He’s very worried about me & my body being hit. I told the Dr. my partner is worried about our survival on this island while going thru all this. The Dr. stopped examining me & jumped back and way in front of me so fast, like hopped… I got startled and asked, Dr am I OK, did you find something back there. He said nothing… he just kept looking at floor and face filled with anger like. He then looked up at me & said you said… your partner is a man & I said yes, partner of 11 years now. He starred back at floor then looked me right in eye,but way across exam room near wall & took a moment, I said whats up doctor. He then said to me ” You Might Not Be Here Right Now If You Lived A Different Lifestyle ” He then reached in his Dr’s jacket to big stack paper & handed me one. Told me ” Do Not Look At Please Until You Leave ” He then stepped way back against wall almost and like walked close to wall far away from me. He then just left exam room & me in there & never came back. After 10 minutes about, I put shirt on after being in complete utter shock of what just happened to me… I then left room & went out demanding my MRI referral & medicine prescriptions to office nurse. She then asked why & I told her Dr. did not give me anything & I need MRI’s cause I know something is wrong with me. She then had to kind of force Dr. to write things out and had to tell him to do it correctly which he still did not do. It’s like I had some disease & he could not get near me or want to even help me. The only thing he ever said in exam to me before he said anything negative was. Your lil obese, you should do more exercise…I said I had not been able to because car hit.

I actually left as fast as could from this clinic, The Medical Corner, Waikiki. Still in anger, shock, rage, feeling less then human & treated like I was nothing because. I am a Gay male with a Gay male partner & in his eye’s, the Dr’s eyes. I was nothing, i’m a pure Sinner & need to follow the light because my Lifestyle is wrong in his religions eye’s and even casted me out of his exam room like I was pure Sin… Judged me & did not care about my reason for being there & or offer any help with out nurse getting him to do things right, which he still did wrong.

I have never been treated like this my whole entire life from a Doctor. I come from Baltimore / Washington area & have lived in one of the Bluest most Equal States of Hawaii. I have been a strong Advocate for Human Rights & our LGBT rights since I was a child. I fought with people here to bring Civil Unions & Equal rights, testified to Hawaii’s Legislature & Senate & I’m a Minister. Just as offensive without the LGBT Discrimination… Him Prosthelyzing me behind close door exam, preaching his views thru Trash Religious Hand Out… About me being in Sin & needing to walk to the light to be saved… No No No… When i’m there not of my fault at all.. A car hit me because i’m gay??? Absolutely Crazy Doctor Who Should Be Reported About Publicly.

I have tried everything nice, letters, chat with 2nd highest Partner of The Medical Corner, Waikiki. To try to resolve this matter & tried to do it all to help protect whatever reputation they might have. I have tried to get a hold of Dr. James Myrashiro several times to resolves this. They have only responded by some letter saying Dr. is not with them except few days a week, independent… The 2nd Partner Dr. Nicholas Conkhrite on cell phone with my partner on line also told us back in 2nd week of Feb. 2013 that they did in-deed find that he had been doing something & I guess even with other patients by the stack he had in his jacket. They have not done one thing to reach out to me & matter of fact… Told me with my partner as witness that I had no right to know what punishment they might give.

A Doctor Takes An Oath & He Broke His Promise To His Oath & Is Bigoted & Religious Zealot That Should Not Be Practicing In Any State…

I am taken the proper steps to turn them in to Hawaii State Commerce & Hawaii Civil Rights among others. I thank the Hawaii State Health Department for giving me advice on this difficult road I must take I feel to bring Justice. This is why being Treated Equal should be very important to our Supreme Court. There many Equalities that still need to be fought hard, even here in Hawaii.


Religious Crap!!!

The Clinics Name Is :


The Medical Corner, Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki Location


Please Help.. Pass.. Complain..

Be Mad & Be Educated Lets Put

An End To Discrimination!!