Newest… HRH SisterFace Videos & Up Date, Now Catch Up Dolls…

My Newest Videos Dolls

Just been on some what of a small journey last few months Doll’s & Man Diva’s… 

I hope everyone is doing Fabulous or at least pretending Life is… These videos are my newest in a slew of many more to follow now. The Doll has been thru a few life changes and re-scheduling because I got hit by a car a few months back. My energy has been spent just doing all the stuff my lawyer and surviving life not being able to work or schedule my character SF right now. Yes I have savings but savings goes quick in Hawaii & my partner is caring the loads until I can settle a few case, 3 in all people & all at one time… My Luck… I do say it seems every time it’s not my fault which is great at least & I have fierce friend & lawyer David, My Jewish Angel… I feel I owe him so much gratitude & just much… Thank You Universe for him in my life. I have been doing many many things on the internet & opening 2 new online shops. One is a graphics / designs / photos of mine to be placed on 100’s of products, T-shirts being my main sell. Second is an awesome fun thing i’m doing… Wallpapers, Wall Decals, Fabric!!! How fun is all that, i’m loving it & both shops should be up with in a month. I’m loading my store with designs now & T-shirt sight is lil more complicated but, should be done soon for late spring & ready for summer. All as I have to do on Fabric, Wallpaper sight is upload some more designs & order swatches for me to approve, exciting… You can take a sneak peek at my designs I have uploaded thus far, more today… Start Spreading the Word Kidzzz…

 Below are my are my 2 newest videos & working on 2 more today & tomorrow for you all. The one video is awesome flash quick chopped quick Images of my character SisterFace & pretty much promoting my German friends House Edit of a song & all my contact info for bookings or questions, pure fun video. The other is my Masked series, discrete, hahahahahahah…  Cooking you Quick Marijuana Butter Cookies… Very easy, fun video with me ranting away on a few cookies, hahahahaha… Enjoy Dolls there easy once you have your pot butter to use in all kinds of recipes. Much Alohas Dolls…

I Hope You All Enjoy Watching & Many Blessings From Auntie SisterFace, Xo Xo

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