To Keep Your Man Focused On You Ladies… Just Give Good Head…





I Hate To Bring You News Some Of You Might Not Like Hearing… You Have To Give Good Head, You Know… Blow Jobs, Giving Face, Bobbing On The Sausage, Chipping Some Wood, Sucking Cock, Licking Balls, Yes I Said Licking Balls… Most Men Will Even Want A Good (Lubed) Finger Up There Ass To… Even Maybe Something Bigger Once They Know, Hmmmm… This Is Like Heaven, Well In So Many Words You Could Say… You Ladies Must Realize A Mans Cock Is Just As Important As Your Pussy Is… It Loves To Be Played With Right, As Do Men Need There Love Tool Treated Fierce Also… Hey, Its Fair… I Think Most Women Should Secretly Practice On Anything Not Dangerous That Resembles. A Hung Cock Or The Size You’ll Need To Get Right For You… Licking The Shaft, Twirling Your Tongue Around The Balls, Lifting & Stroking, Sucking Him Off From Behind… Just Treat The Penis Your Sucking Like The Best Ice Cream Cone You’ll Ever Lick On, This Should Get Him Off Pretty Good… & Never Be Afraid To Deep Throat,But. When Deep Throating… Make Sure Your Mouth Is Really Wet Inside & No Teeth Please If You Can Help It… When Deep Throating Have Some Power Behind Your Sucking, Like A Hoover… If Your A Real Nasty Sexual Doll Then You Really Don’t Need My Advice, But Please Help Me Leave Your Favorite Ideas Below In My Comment Section To This Topic… You Very Well, Could Always… Keep Your Man From Cheating Or Becoming Big Homo Like Me… ¬†Over My Life Time As A Big Open Very Sexual Gay Male… I Have Many Many, Lets Say 100’s Of So Called Str8 Men & Most Married & Attached Men… Want To Cheat On There Wife’s Simply Because, They Are Dying For A Truly Good Blow Job & Even Shoot All Over Your Face, Shit Even A Good Jack Off Is Hottt… Like When You Woman Cum All Over Our Noses Or Cock… Same Thing Dolls… I Know You Women Are Just As Sexual Perverted As Us Men Are.. Gay Or Str8… So Stop Loosing Your Men Surprise Him With A Great Head Job, Bj, A What We Call In The Gay World… A Cum & Go Is Always Hot For Any Man… Just Doing It Out Of No Where & Even In Randomly Places Is Supah Hot For Most All Men… My Last Statement Is Best & Honest To You Ladies I Love So Much… Treat The Cock Like You Want Your Pussy Treated & All Should Be Fierce For Both Of You… Always Make The Time For Each Other, That Means All You Men Also… Much Loves & Safe Fun Sex To You All…




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