Daily Rantzz… Just Do It Or You’ll Never Know… Life Can Be Different Always…

Considering all that Life throws at you daily. Why would you not at some point just get a grip and leave… You have the power to, I could not have thought 11 years ago. I would start thinking my once a life time event of going to Hawaii would change my every existence. After almost dying being attacked on stage in Washington D.C. in 2004. My mind even with all the steady work. Press, Cushy Clubland $$$… Bookings… Great Charitable Leverage… Knowing the In’s & Out’s of WDC & most every city on East Coast & some of the most Powerful people in our country. I Decided enough was enough, took what I had saved for years & years. I Won a very hard & emotional Law Suit against ex-employers & I was just thru !!! My mind needed something a Drug… a Doctor… a Disco… a Good Meal… Not even my Ohhh, so Very Hot Partner could not keep us on the East Coast anymore. Not even the Angel of my life, My Momzz or even very close friends could keep my mind from departing from what I always Knew. I decided it was time not to wait until I was 59 years or much older even… The time is now…to let go & just see where it goes, was upon me. Everything I had been through up to that clear moment in my mind led to this moment in my life, a crossroads you could say. I was already feeling free from knowing this in my mind, &. Although many stresses came with leaving & going some place very far far away & touched by a whole other Culture completely. That I did not know the certainty of what would become of my future once veering off its known steady course for over 15 years at that point, I was ready now… It felt 100’s x better then the first time I ever worked a huge crowd on a huge stage, Thrilling !!! I guess my big message here today is. Look around see where your at, ask yourself this simple question. Do I want to die where I am now? Ask yourself this, is it $$ that is holding you back,because. Thats complete non sense, I come from working class family and worked hard for my status in my world,but. Still have bills, food, travel, life , I now live in one of our Worlds Most Fabulous Paradises… Hawaii, Honolulu, Waikiki… It was no Settlement, I still must work or be a starving artist. Worry about loosing all that I do have,but. I live in a place that eases my brain, gives me the better view and ocean, mountains, craters,flora,clear shades of blue water, hikes with in moments, smells beyond and good bottle of smelly, tropical birds at sunset, many cultures mixed into one melting pot. Weather we like each other or not we choose to live in a place that completes our senses, awakes the soul everyday & you all can to…  I promise I’m not crazy,well just a little maybe,but. You all can live & do anything you want, be who you want, say what you need to Inspire the whole world… It really is hard for me to say it so easily Dolls & Menzzz… When I was a young Gay child and already knew what Hell this Earth and its people could be & do, all before 6 years old… Now jumping a few months later… I got to see a Movie that changed my life & whole outlook on it. After Being rescued by my Fabulous Mother at 6 years old she would let me stay up late to watch Hollywood Classics with her, cause she worked late alot. So this was one of our fun things to do until falling asleep. A Movie came on one night called, “MY AUNTIE MAME” with Roslyn Russell… It affected me in such away my brain expanded but,but. In a very Over Saturated colorful vibrant view on the world… Her Motto… You Have To, Live!!! LIve!!! LIve!!! I truly even through some very hard times after that moment just did that & nothing else. Never compromising who I am or where I came from & all my scares are worn proudly. I am molded from the world that made me & everything else I have done is the Star on top… If you all just have this Very  Frame of Mind & Project in a good light on our world… You can Do… Live… Work.. Play… Love… Be Famous… Be A Leader… be a Teacher… You Can Move Anyplace & Make it work good for you and your Family to. You see its all in the Mind and the Frame you put yourself in, Trust Me…

Until Next Entry Sending You All Much

Aloha… & Much Healing Love…


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7 thoughts on “Daily Rantzz… Just Do It Or You’ll Never Know… Life Can Be Different Always…

    • YOUR SO SWEET JONAH… Much Alohas to you and so many thanks for stopping by my new page…
      Sending big ALOHAS, XoXo

  1. Love and Light to you Dear Sister Face! Love your posts!!! We met and hung out many years ago, Tracks, 5th Column, parties like Kindergarten and the like. Chris and I woke you up one afternoon at your place on Corcoran(sp) St. after you had a long night at work- good times. We were more acquaintances than friends but you have always made a great impression on me!! Much love! Much love!And I agree with you and sweet Auntie Mame, you’ve got to live!live! LIVE!!!

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